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Please note than most articles have references at the end, and if you view them on your computer or cell phone, you just need to click or tap on the references to see the supporting documents.

Note that the presentations in many cases have more details.

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Bible Topics
The Antichrist is Almost Here 
True Salvation
The Resurrection of Jesus
What Date was Jesus Born?
The Amazing Bible 
Presentation   The Bible: From Outside our Time and Space
Presentation   The Gospel in Adam’s Genealogy
Presentation   Prophecy of the Seventy Weeks
Presentation   God the Original Zionist
Presentation   The Good News about Hell
Presentation   Fallacies of Evolution
Presentation   Until Shiloh Comes
Presentation   The Upside Down Kingdom of God
Presentation   Wild Beasts of the Earth

Endtime Topics
Presentation   666 and You
Presentation   Don’t be Left Behind
Presentation   Technology of the Antichrist
Presentation   The Rapture in the Old Testament
Presentation   If Left Behind in the Rapture 
Presentation   The Great Culling
Presentation   A Summary of the Future
Presentation   The War of Psalm 83
Presentation   The War of Gog and Magog
Presentation   Seven Letters to Seven Churches
Presentation   Isaiah 18 – Is it the USA?
Presentation   COVID-19: Just a Foretaste
Presentation  Biblical Climate Change 
Presentation  Carbon-14 and Noah’s Flood 
Presentation  Noah’s Flood and the Comets
Presentation  The New World Order

Health Topics
The Age of Deception
Artificial Sweeteners
The Chemotherapy Race
God’s Medicine
The Ketogenic Diet
Statins:Drugs to lower Cholesterol
My Bout with Heart Disease
Magnesium’s Benefits to Me

What Every Parent Needs to Know
The Ruse of Vaccines
Vaccine Headlines
Vaccine Roulette
Vaccine Mishaps
Avoiding Vaccine Damage
Hope for Autism
The HPV Vaccine
The Flu Vaccine

Miscellaneous Topics
The Most Common Mistake in Raising Children
Justice Only

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