Electronic Voting

Corruption of the voting process is nothing less that the abrogation of the republic.  There are many instances of evidence of electronic voting being corrupted.  How they work internally is top secret, and no doubt many, most or all of them are under the control of powers hostile to democracy.

They are no doubt careful not to be too obvious in their manipulation so as not to tip off the public.  Close elections could obviously be controlled without tipping their hand.  Possibly a statistical analysis of close elections would reveal some evidence.

Now with Internet access available through the cellular phone network, with the proper chip installed, all machines could be under complete illegitimate control.  This could be tested for by using an appropriate spectrum analyzer at a polling place, but probably anyone found doing so would be arrested.

This explains why elected officials are frequently non-responsive to and act in ways inimical to the interests of their constituents, and why they so easily act in traitorous ways.

An electronic voting system which printed out a ballot readable by the voter to verify that it shows how he voted, and then placed in a ballot box would be an acceptable system.  Then there would be an independent verification of the results of the voting machine.  The printed ballots could contain a bar-code or other computer-readable code to be scanned by machine in case of a recount.  However, in the ultimate case, they could be counted by hand where there would be no possibility of machine hacking.

This is one of the most important issues of our time, but rarely talked about, and when I have talked about it, people just shrug their sholders and go on about their business.  It would therefore appear that our republic is doomed, and in a relatively short time all vestiges of it will dissapear.

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