Health and Medical Paradigms

The following diagram is a rough division of all health and medical information into categories.  The outer oval encompasses all knowledge with respect to health and medicine.  Conventional medicine essentially concerns itself only with information within its oval, and basically ignores everything else.  For example, it pays considerable attention to macro nutrition, as illustrated, but scant attention to micro nutrition.  In fact, it seems clear that conventional medicine is generally very hostile to micro nutrition, especially that characterized as alternative medicine.

Health & Medical Paradigns

All sufficiently informed and rational persons who restrict their knowledge to that of conventional medicine will come to essentially the same conclusions, and prescribe the same treatments.  For example, for diabetes they will prescribe restricted macro nutrition, insulin and pharmaceuticals, and insist that there is no cure for diabetes, only treatment.  However, alternative medicine, using micro nutrition, and possibly herbs, has cured many cases of diabetes

Or, if you have clogged arteries, they will prescribe angioplasty, stents, and bypass surgery, and will assert that there is no way to otherwise open your arteries.  However, correct micro- and macro-nutrition, and possibly treatments such as chelation therapy, have indeed cleaned out the arteries of many people, and cured them from heart disease.  I met a person who had a serious heart attack, but immediately they started him on chelation theory, and he affirmed emphatically to me that he was 100% cured.  He said he could do everything afterwards that he could do before.  Since he had a ranch, that would include things like ride a horse and round up cattle.

Certainly conventional medicine has marvelous technology and can often do wonders, and if I had a medical emergency, I would rush to their aid.  However, if conventional medicine could be intelligently combined with micro-nutrition and alternative medicine, much more benefit could be obtained.  However, professional jealousy and political and economic issues will probably keep that from ever happening on a significant scale.  I have read a number of accounts of doctors who have combined the two, but they are few and far between, and such doctors often have a very difficult time fighting the system.

Prevention is almost always better than a cure, but this is probably where conventional medicine fails the most.  On the other hand, alternative medicine and micro-nutrition place great emphasis on prevention.  I personally place the most importance on prevention, and hope I never have to seek the services of conventional medicine, which often offers one very unpleasant tradeoffs.

I am not against science based medicine, but trusting in medicine is in a certain sense trusting in man, and trusting in the nutrition that God gave us is a form of trusting in God.  Trusting in God in this way is likely to offer you the best health possible.

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