Political Stooges and Shills

“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven …” Matthew 7:21

A stooge is generally defined as a person that is under the control of another, possibly unknowingly.  I am defining a political shill as a person who pretends to be of one political persuasion, but in reality is an opponent, and may be in the hire of the opposite persuasion.  Obviously if you control both sides of a debate, you can much more easily control the outcome.

By my observations, there are many such stooges and shills today.  How does one know who they are?  “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.” Matthew 7:20.  I deem the following to be stooges and shills, for the reasons given.

Fox News.  They pretend to be conservative, but when it came to discussing 9/11, their position was that it was a government consipracy was the most preposterous idea anyone could imagine.  They allowed no open debate on the subject by selecting proponents who were unskilled at public speaking, and would hardly let them finish a sentence by interrupting and shouting them down.

newsmax.com. Basically everything I said about Fox News applies to newsmax.com.  Another thing they did was give cover to the Neocons (“neo-conservatives”) of the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush era.  They did this by lamenting how the Republicans were always outmaneuvered by the Democrats, as if they weren’t very bright.  This was to cover up the apparent fact that the Neocons were deliberately aiding and abetting the Democrats in their mischief.

Ann Coulter. She is/was there to make conseratives look like the idiot she acted out.

Rush Limbaugh. My conclusions about him are also based on that he dealt with the 9/11 issue exactly how Fox News did.  When he talks about issues of lesser importance, he sounds like a died-in-the-wool conservative.  In this way conservatives are mislead to trust him, and so he was probably able to convince many of them to believe the government’s story on one of the most momentous issues of our time, 9/11.

March 2012: Rush is now acting like Ann Coulter in making conservatives look bad in the Sandra Fluke issue. He is also distracting listeners from the really important issue here of religious freedom.

Under Construction, more to be added as I discover them.

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