Vaccine Logic

What if a healthy person eats something and dies in 5 minutes, was it poison?  Maybe not, it could have been a heart attack.  What if later another healthy person eats the same thing with the same result.  How many people are going to dismiss it as just coincidence?  Maybe a few, but what if it happens 10 times?  Is there any rational person who would not be certain that the thing eaten was poisonous?  When the results are this dramatic and unexpected, it is not necessary to conduct a complex double blind medical experiment to know the truth.

The difference between the above and the results of vaccines is that there are usually hours, days or weeks between the vaccination and the adverse results, and the result is not as clear cut.  This makes the cause-effect relationship less clear and less obvious, so that it takes more cases to prove a cause-effect relationship.

I personally know of at least three cases where a child became autistic or brain damaged immediately or shortly after a vaccination.  Is three cases enough to prove a cause-effect relationship?  Maybe not quite, but it can suggest a high probabililty of such.  What is the likelihood that a child becomes autistic from normal activities such as going to school, falling down, catching a cold, etc?  Not much.  For argument’s sake, lets assume that the probability of becoming autistic from causes other than vaccines is one in 10,000 (I am sure it is much less than that).  Then, by probability theory, for the odds of three such spontaneous cases to occur, raise the probability to the third power giving 1 in (10,000 x 10,000 x 10,000)  or 1 in 1,000,000,000,000.  Now take the thousands of cases which all have happened after vaccinations, and do the math, and in my opinion the proof is absolute.  Remember that the first known cases of autism were in 1943, AFTER thimerosol was added to vaccines.

Almost all those who defend harmful vaccines are paid do do so.  Really, how?  Should any medical worker, teacher, school principal, policeman, public service worker, etc. speak out against vaccines, he would surely lose his job imediately.  Does anyone doubt this?  Therefore, none of these people can afford to look at the facts for fear of losing their positions.  And the really guilty persons higher up, some who most certainly know the truth, won’t admit it for fear of economic or criminal sanctions.

So, what is the driving force?  Certainly money is a very important factor.  The sale of the vaccines is quite a bit of revenue, but there is much more revenue from the treatment of the damaged children.  But, I believe there is a more sinister reason, namely the effort to reduce the world’s population down to 2 billion or less.  Since the world system believes in the theory of evolution, and by that theory we are all mere animals, they believe there is nothing morally wrong with doing this.  In fact they probably consider it a virtue, since once their goal is achieved, the earth can be restored to its former natural beauty and they believe all those living then will have wonderful lives.

And if you are still not convinced because you believe that the President or the Secretary of Health or the CEOs of the pharmaceutical companies are such nice people that they would never promote anything harmful to your child, then you are basing your opinion (and the health of your child) on your personal belief system, not on the facts.  And, if you believe that those against harmful vaccines are kooks (i.e. stupid), then you are basing your conclusion on Ad Hominem arguments rather than the facts.  Furthermore it should be very easy to disprove (not merely deny) what the stupid kooks are saying (if anyone has done it, please let us all know).

Why do I put so much emphasis on this issue?  Because it is a life and death issue.  If you don’t heed this issue, the odds are more than 1 in 100 that you will end up with an autistic child, and much more than that that you will have a child with lesser brain damage such as learning disabilities, hearing and visual problems, ADHD, damaged intellect, damaged emotions or the like, depending what part of the brain is damaged and the severity.

That the powers that be could get away with maiming and killing our children in this way is truly a Harbinger of the Apocalypse.

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